Passion, Purpose, and Possibility – in Three-Part Harmony.


Different Voices ~ Shared Vision

The Inspire Project is a group made up of 3 songwriter/artists, each with her own distinctive personality and voice, who have come together with a shared vision…to inspire, uplift, empower, and pour Love (capital “L”) into the world!  

The group’s members, Tanya Leah, Ilene Angel, and Lorraine Ferro have been friends and collaborators for many years (“Since the dawn of time”, as Tanya says), and they have each had long, successful careers as songwriters and singers in the music business.

They have all had #1 records (together and separately), their songs have appeared on numerous gold and platinum selling albums, in films and tv shows, and collectively, they have sold millions of records.  And now, they are putting their own voices to their own songs.  

Come join them as they share their stories, humor, and their overflowing love for song, spirit, and each other.  It’s a powerful experience.

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